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Some afterthoughts:


"Sexuality comprises a more biologically encapsulated system for men than for women, and is less permeable to other beliefs and cultures. In evolutionary parlance, sexuality is more modular for men than for women." Pg. 215

-From Garth Fletcher's The New Science of Intimate Relationships (2002)



I'm left-handed. And sometimes I feel very different than other women. Some
(but not all) studies have shown that left-handed women may have gotten more
androgens prenatally and that many turn out to be lesbians.... Anyway, if that's the case with me, that my brain was androgenized, well, it just made me like men a lot.


I have since done some more reading on the left-handed connection to brain androgenization, and it looks like there may be different kinds of left-handedness: Genetic and 'pathological.' (Pathological referring to the androgenization of the fetal brain.) Based on the fact that my father was left-handed (but forced to become right-handed), and that the nail bed of my left thumb is squarer than the right (a sign for genetic left-handedness), and that my second digit (index finger) is actually longer than my fourth (ring finger) [a sign of low testosterone/high estrogen, according to Manning--and in fact, many lesbians seem to have the reverse--longer fourth digit than second], I'm going to conclude that my brain was probably not androgenized during fetal development, and that I'm a genetic left-hander.

It might be interesting to compare the sexual orientation/identity/drive, etc. of genetic versus pathological left-handed women, as well as to that of right-handed women versus both kinds of left-handed women.