Flores Man



      Flores Man

by Bradley Earle Hoge



Imagine an island
paradise miniature elephants
miniature horses
no thought of an outside
world.  You have enjoyed
isolation for so long
you have evolved
small.  You have come
to believe
yours is the only
legitimate world.
And then a giant steps
foot off a boat and leaves
footprints in the sand
and you realize
you are not alone.
But instead of feeling
comforted by the knowledge
you are threatened
that the other
will want what you have.
So you build defenses.
And argue about what

to do.  Should you seek
the monster
before it strikes?
Should you reach out
to befriend it?  Should you
hide?  Should you search
another island
so far away the giant's
stride won't reach?
And imagine while
you are arguing
that it is yourselves
you being to mistrust.
And factions develop
and wars ensue.
And before the giant
can return to plunder
your island you have laid down
your lives.  And your bones
are scattered and buried.
And it takes the giant
so long to find evidence
of your existence
that they exclaim
Behold!  We have found
more Children of God.
Proof that we are not alone.
Imagine that the giant
was also terrified
by this knowledge.




Bradley Earle Hoge's most recent poetry appears in The Ephemera, The Dead Mule, DOJ (Drexel Online Journal), Chaffin Journal, Square Lake, The Fossil Record, and Limestone. More is upcoming in Tar Wolf Review, Talking River and anthologies from Pudding House Press, Salt Marsh Pottery Press, SunShine Press Publications, Ltd and The Plymouth Writers Group. Brad lives in Spring, Texas with his wife and three children. He teaches natural science at the University of Houston - Downtown.


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