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Entelechy seeks authors who are visionary; who want to connect with their audience; who are driven to heal or raise the consciousness of their readers (i.e., who are compelled to affect the reader emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, aesthetically, morally); who are fearless in style and content.


Submit: Smart, sexy, hip-ish, creative pieces on the brain, psychology, philosophy, art, religion, spirituality, anthropology, evolutionary theory, neurophilosophy, sociobiology, love, sex, culture, memetics, ad infintum. (Heavy on evolutionary theory and evolutionary psychology.)



Maybe a piece called “The Semiotics of Shoe Shapes;” or an article on the neural basis of religion called “The God Module and You”; a poem or photograph entitled “Not a Mind-Body Problem”; a short story about an existential philosophy professor and his affair with the essentialist geneticist next door; a Darwinian literary crit perspective on The Hours or Middlesex; yet another review of The Blank Slate or The Darwinian Left, etc.; all these would be of interest. Again, this is not academic, though it is, perhaps, inspired by academic thought/research.


All suggestions and ideas and proposals and thoughts and memes and submissions are welcome!



Send your work for Spring/Summer issue (No. 5) of Entelechy: Mind & Culture (EMAC) with a brief cover letter to:


Alice Andrews (, editor/founder


Submit: February 1 - March 15, 2005

Maximum length: 12 pages

In Subject line, write "SUB" followed by the title of your piece.


Send poetry to:


Phillip Levine (, poetry editor  


Submit: February 1 - March 15, 2005

Maximum length: 5 pages

In Subject line, write "SUB" followed by the title of one of your poems.




(We'll let you know something by March 31.)






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