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 fireflies in the shadow of the sun
Radical/renegade psychologist

The Radical Psychology Network

Poets & Writers

Matter (Robert Kelly, ed.)

Winning Writers

christopher porpora's lovely book of poetry


Maynard and Jennica

Rudolph Delson, whose friends call him Rudy and whose government calls him Benjamin, alternately maintains and neglects this website:








Journey from the Center to the Page
(yoga/writing workshops)

Heinz Insu Fenkl
Author, editor, translator, mythic scholar, and director of  ISIS: The Interstitial Studies Institute at SUNY New Paltz.


The Blazing Wisdom Institute



Instant Runoff Voting



Organic Consumers Association

(a beautiful site from new paltz green activist and vegan chef, lagusta.)


(New Paltz Green Party)


Hudson Valley Events Vlog


experimental poetry prose and art journal   


timothy leonard: peripatetic elf in China



disinformation Go Home




utopia experiment
(An experiment in utopia in the Scottish highlands w/ Dylan Evans)


Narrowcasting Entelechy




EvoS at SUNY New Paltz


EP Yahoo! Forum

Biopoets Yahoo!Forum


human behavior & evolution society


The Human Nature Review

Association for Politics and the Life Sciences


political theory daily review



Welcome to CogNews


Rosemarie I. Sokol
Co-editor (along w/Sarah Strout) of The Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology

The Dana Foundation
(brain stuff...)



Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics

a project in natural living & transformation

Resources for Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Religious Naturalism

BLTC Research : paradise-engineering

World Transhumanist Association
world tranhumanist association - for the ethical use of technology to extend human capabilities


The Hedonistic Imperative




o'keeffe  flower

The only song Entelechy publisher/editor ever recorded; Funkadelic Studios, NYC, 2000.

hear it


The Icarus Project - Navigating the space between brilliance and madness



video of robert wright interviewing joseph goldstein

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Inside the Skull-House: A Neuropoesis




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